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Monday, 25 March 2013

Railroad Welder tasks

Railroad Welder tasks

In this post, you can ref task list of Railroad Welder in details. Based on this task list, you can set up daily tasks, weekly tasks, monthly tasks.

I. List of Railroad Welder duties:

1. Uses spot welding gun or hand, electric, or gas welding equipment to weld or tack weld pieces together.
2. Unites pipes from torch to tanks of oxygen and fuel gas, and turns valves to release mixture.
3. Reaching expected temperature, size, and color of flame by burning torch and adjusting flow of gas and air.
4. Preheats work pieces for the preparation of welding or curving, using torch.
5. Fulfils holes or corrects mistakes in lead pieces, and makes bulges thin and curves in metal work pieces.
6. Checks the weakness of work pieces and measures work pieces with straightedge or template to make sure the properness for specifications.
7. Swarms up ladders or works on scaffolds to take apart textures.
8. Gives signal to crane operator to lift large work pieces.
9. Uses thermal-cutting equipment such as flame-cutting torch or plasma-arc equipment to dismount metal assemblies or cut scrap metal.
10. Uses hoist, crane, wire and banding machine, or hand tools to place and protect work pieces.
11. Bases on type, thickness, area, and expected temperature of metal to choose, place, and protect torch.
12. Instructs and brings flame or electrodes on or across work piece to straighten, curve, dissolve, or develop metal.
13. Joins pieces together, covers up taut points, and adds metal to develop parts.

II. List of Railroad Welder qualifications

  1. High school diploma or equivalent required
  2. Some college preferred
  3. Valid state issued driver's license
  4. Eight years working on railroad bridge maintenance, inspections and construction
  5. Knowledge of railroad construction materials
  6. Good communication skills and attention to detail
  7. Technical and mechanical acumen
  8. Knowledge of MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  9. Knowledge of KCS On Track Safety Rules, General Code of Operating Rules, FRA Title 49, Track Safety Standards Part 213, and Railroad Workplace Safety and Bridge Worker Safety Part 214